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We’ve accommodated a good number of students who recorded their songs with us in the last few months. This is a good thing – it means more and more young people realize the value of having their songs professionally recorded.  We also realize that the earlier they start having their music recorded, the more they will [...]

Post Production Guidelines

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ROOM ELEVEN MIXING AND MASTERING GUIDELINES We have prepared some guidelines for those clients who want to avail of our post production services namely Mixing, Mastering or both. Following these guidelines will make our jobs more effective and fast.   MIXING Below are the important items to prepare your recording for mixing: -           During the recording [...]

Recording For Beginners

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Ever felt the intimidation of going into something new? That weary feeling you can’t shrug off about making the rookie mistakes that are just bound to happen with your nerves on haywire? We feel you. Fret no more! We’ve narrowed it down for you to guide you through your recording studio experience. Preparation Is Key The [...]